Being a member of C.E.C.A. (Canadian Elevator Contractors Association), possessing expert knowledge and having access to the most important and knowledgeable contacts in the industry, F. Shaw Management and Consulting Inc. takes ownership of your elevating devices.  This results in an overall increase in the life and efficiency of your elevating system, which ultimately contributes to a collective goal in the increase of overall tenant satisfaction and a fiscally responsible and properly managed property.

At the core of our services, FSMCI’s knowledge and expertise will improve the performance of your elevating devices and provides operational and organizational advantages that result in making FSMCI a net benefit to your organization.  Our clients value our services as one that contributes to better managed elevator systems with reduced down time, service request, tenant satisfaction, fiscal prudence and improved relations with its elevator contractor. This opens up the channels of communication ensuring free flowing dialogue to improving the overall service.

Experience – Our Team

FSMCI is proud of our team that boasts over 200 years of collective elevator experience in the areas of modernization, maintenance, service, technical expertise, knowledge of TSSA and MOL requirements, sales and relationship development.  FSMCI only employs individuals with vast amounts of elevator experience that understand the unique dynamics of the industry and its clientele.