Centralized Services- Even when property managing multiple buildings and using more than one elevator contractor at these different sites, FSMCI streamlines and centralizes this challenge for you due to our valuable contacts we have within the elevator industry.  Our specialty lies in working with elevator companies regardless of where they are located and can alleviate your elevator and escalator issues in a very timely manner.

Reduced service call-backs ultimately results in less downtime of your elevating devices.  Tenants and building personnel become fully confident in the elevators that we manage are operating safely and efficiently.

Service Call-Back Parallel Monitoring – Regardless of the current level of service you receive from your elevator contractor, contact FSMCI.  Our firm will coordinate with your elevator service contractor to ensure that calls remain low and service repairs are completed in a timely manner minimizing the disruption to your property.

Maintenance Contract Review & Negotiation – FSMCI specializes in the close monitoring and review of the fine print of your elevator maintenance contract such as expiry dates, roll-over clauses, breadth of coverage and labor rates. FSMCI carefully negotiates elevator maintenance contracts on your behalf with a focus on the long-term objectives of your building. This ultimately results in your property having the flexibility of being in control of your elevator maintenance contract.

Invoice Review – An FSMCI associate with assist in the review of additional invoices to your elevator maintenance contract to ensure compliance with the contract and to ensure labor rates fall in line with was is specified in the labor rate portion of the contract.  This ensures the minimization of extra fees and unwarranted surcharges.

Construction, Modernization & Upgrades – FSMCI specializes in Scope of Work and project preparation as well as the project management for all required new installations, upgrades and major repairs. FSMCI becomes integral in the negotiation of the modernization contract on your behalf, thus minimizing potentially high costs in a typically very expensive capital expenditure.  FSMCI designs and recommends specific elevator equipment and systems that are tailor made to meet the exact requirements of your building, regardless if you manage a commercial, residential, institutional or retail property.

Modernization and upgrades to elevators become necessary whenever there is the need for improved performance required to satisfy the needs of building staff and tenants.  FSMCI can assist in evaluating the existing system and aesthetic features thus determining which upgrade is best suited.  FSMCI can then recommend and design a tender package inviting only the best suited elevator contractors in the industry.