FSMCI works very closely with Owners, Facilities and Property Managers and all levels of building operations and development. Over the years, FSMCI has managed prestigious and demanding clientele and has been integral in providing front line communication, extensive experience in project management and coordination.  Our firm possesses vast knowledge and understanding of maintenance, repairs, capital projects and construction, the negotiation and administration of contracts, handling of all legal matters, billing and invoicing, regular site meetings, site inspections and working with a variety of trades and facilities service contractors.  FSMCI also has expert experience and extensive knowledge in Construction Lien and L&M Bond Claims.

FSMCI is extremely aware of the day to day dynamics and responsibilities in the management of all types of facilities in the commercial, residential, institutional and hospitality segments. FSMCI is very familiar with the various protocols such as timelines, budgets, managing a project in a building and working with various contractors and trades either on a specific project or in the everyday operation.

FSMCI appreciates and understands the requirement of property managers for impeccable time management, oral and written communication, superior skills of diplomacy, attention to detail and accountability.

FSMCI’s exposure to the unique demands and responsibilities of its clientele has given our firm the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of practices. This includes providing capital budgets and allocation forecasting, site and client visits, RFP’s, public relations, customer service and timely and effective communication skills.